Lifelong Learning Programme

Action - Comenius Bilateral School Partnerships / 2012-2014

The partners

  • Liceul Tehnologic Voinesti / Romania, coordinator school
  • Masarykova stredni skola / Czech Republic, partner

Lifelong Learning Programme

About Comenius Bilateral School Partnerships

The general aim of Comenius school partnerships is to enhance the European dimension of education by promoting joint co-operation activities between schools in Europe. The projects give pupils and teachers in different countries an opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest. School partnerships help pupils and teachers to acquire and improve skills not only in the topic or subject area on which the project is focused, but also in terms of teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies (ICT). Participating in a partnership with schools from different countries also gives pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice foreign languages and increases their motivation towards language learning. Language oriented Bilateral School Partnerships involve two schools from different participating countries and seek to encourage the use of European languages by giving pupils the possibility to practice their foreign language skills and acquaint themselves with the language of a partner country. Pupils involved in a bilateral partnership are expected to learn at least the basics of the language used in the partner institution. Usually pupils use a third language as their working and communication language. During the project, pupils and teachers in both countries work together on a common theme and produce a joint end product.

Lifelong Learning Programme


The aim of this bilateral partnership is that the students involved in the project to learn the basic elements of the partner country's language by presenting methods concerning the conversion of alternative energy into electricity and the practical realization of two conversion plants. The Romanian students will learn terms and expressions from Czech language and the Czech students terms and expressions from Romanian language. Within this project, the students will use English language for communication.


The general objective

Developing language skills of young Europeans to communicate in an international language.

The immediate objective

Developing language skills of Romanian and Czech pupils involved in the project to communicate in the language of the partner school through English language.

Lifelong Learning Programme


21st of April 2013 - 4th of May 2013

Mobilities of Romanian pupils to Letovice (The Czech Republic) - work on windmill/solar equipment, debates, work on a Romanian-English-Czech dictionary and conversation guide, presentation on environmental themes, meetings, thematic visits.

2 weeks in May 2014

Mobilities of the Czech pupils to Voineşti, a village from Romania - work on windmill/solar equipment, debates, work on a Romanian-English-Czech dictionary and conversation guide, presentation on environmental themes, meetings, thematic visits.


Lifelong Learning Programme

What we do

The Romanian and Czech students involved in the project will work together during the mobilities in the two schools in order to achieve the products of the project and will participate in debates and discussions on environmental issues and the importance of using the conversion plants for unconventional energy. The students will make a solar plant with photovoltaic panels in each school, will work in mixed teams composed of Romanian and Czech students in order to install the components under the surveillance of specialized teachers, they will consult specialized sources in the field and will finally present the way in which they have collaborated for the achievement of these plants in the benefit of the partner schools. The collaboration of the Romanian and Czech pupils will create more opening to use the new technologies and the willingness to share knowledge and competences.

The students will create a photo album with pictures from all the activities and especially from those destined to create and assembly the solar plants for producing energy. During the two exchanges, the students will participate in theoretical and specialized classes in the partner schools, will have their partners as classmate and will communicate in the partner’s language. The Romanian students will be hosts for the Czech students and the Czech students for the Romanian ones during the two exchanges, which allow the creation of good friendship and social relations.

The program of the activities from the two countries will also include cultural activities and sports.

Lifelong Learning Programme

The impact for students

The impact for teachers:

Lifelong Learning Programme